Storing samples incorrectly could cause degradation of your protein

This means the sample quality you are starting with may not be okay and might be causing inconsistencies in your results.

How could you find out the starting quality of your samples before you invest tons of time working with them? Standard practice of running an SDS-PAGE or Western can show degradation in the form of a smear. This could give you a bit of information about your sample, but require you to invest at least 90 minutes or more of your time.

Find out the quality of your protein sample in 3 minutes and save lots of time downstream

With Tycho, you can verify protein quality using microliter amounts of material in a label-free way. It helps you look at the structural integrity, functionality and similarity of your protein and tells you if its folded/unfolded, or indicates purity and concentration.

With very little effort, you’ll make sure you’re moving forward with a viable sample, and finally determine what’s going on with your experiment.

Learn how to monitor storage-dependent denaturation.

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Learn how knowing protein quality first can prevent unnecessary experiments.

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