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Meet R&D apprentice, Riccardo Novak

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Mar 21, 2019

Apprenticeships (like internships) are one of the best ways to gain professional experience. For many, it’s one of the first stepping stones in launching a professional career and gaining hands-on experience. Current apprentice, Riccardo Novak, is no exception to this. With an interest in engineering and chemistry, Riccardo applied to NanoTemper’s apprenticeship program and has been part of the NanoTemper team since 2015. Curious to learn more about Riccardo and the apprenticeship program? Read on.


First off, what is an apprenticeship program?

NanoTemper’s apprenticeship program is a way for young adults, between the ages of 16 and 20, to gain career exposure. You really get to live and breathe the job while learning new skills that you may not learn from a classroom. For my technical product designer apprenticeship position, I’ve had the opportunity to design, develop, and construct different mechanical components that go into our instruments, like Tycho and Dianthus.


Why did you choose NanoTemper?

When I decided that I wanted to become an apprentice, I started to research online and found the NanoTemper job advertisement. I checked out the products on the website and was impressed with what they could do. So I thought this could be the perfect fit and applied for the position. Shortly after, I got a call to come in.

The first interview was with my current mentor, Norbert Tengler, and my first impressions of him were all positive. He was super friendly and really open with me. He told me that I would have the chance to work independently and make my own decisions on the direction of my projects. But of course, he would still be there to guide me and answer any questions I had.

My second interview was with NanoTemper’s CEO, Philipp Baaske. I thought this would be an “all business” interview, after all, he’s the CEO, right? I was completely wrong. My interview with Philipp was not what I expected. He was not intimidating at all, but actually was quite kind, funny, and even told me a joke.

This apprenticeship opportunity checked so many things off my list. I was excited to have my own project and everyone I met was so friendly. I knew I wanted to work here.


What is it like to work for NanoTemper?

The company culture here is phenomenal. NanoTemper is like a family where we all really care about one another. Everyone treats each other with respect and no one looks down on anyone. Plus, there’s plenty of support all around. So whenever I need guidance or help, there’s always someone that’s willing to lend a hand.

One of the most interesting (and funniest) things that surprised me about NanoTemper was how frequently people play kicker (or foosball as others may call it). It’s a big deal at NanoTemper and there are even kicker tournaments.


What are your plans after NanoTemper?

The next step for me would be to enter a university and earn my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve learned so much here and this experience has definitely confirmed what I plan to major in. On a personal level, I’ve honestly become more confident and have a stronger sense of responsibility. After I finish schooling, I hope that Philipp hires me so that I can come back and work for NanoTemper.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to work for NanoTemper, what would it be?

Work for NanoTemper. There’s no question about it. It’s a great company where everyone is working toward the same goal together.


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