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NanoTemper Technologies wins the BioProcess Award 2014

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Oct 23, 2014

NanoTemper Technologies was awarded with the “BioProcess Award 2014”, in the category Best Technology Application – Analytical, an award for outstanding technology applications dedicated to the development of biopharmaceuticals and therapeutics.

NanoTemper Technologies, founded in 2008, is a globally operating high-tech company that develops, produces and markets solutions for biomolecular analytics. The high precision instruments made in Germany are used by thousands of scientists in more than 30 different countries.

NanoTemper’s proprietary technology MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) allows for identifying and developing new drug candidates and enables our customers to test the drugs’ potency quickly and effectively. The Monolith NT.Automated measures biomolecule interactions in an automated fashion. Thus, high-throughput screening projects can be performed with all the benefits offered by MST technology. With the Monolith NT.Automated, NanoTemper Technologies offers a device which fulfills the high demands of pharmaceutical companies’ need to screen and evaluate large libraries of drug candidates.

The founders of NanoTemper Technologies, Dr. Philipp Baaske and Dr. Stefan Duhr, are convinced that the Monolith NT.Automated provides major advantages over orthogonal techniques: High-throughput binding analysis by MST is a valuable tool that compliments qualitative screening methods and circumvents false-positive results which are commonly picked up by other biophysical screening methods. A few months after launching the instrument, the Monolith NT.Automated has already been well received.

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