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PR.Stability Analysis software: Bringing clarity to your protein stability questions

2 min read
Oct 9, 2018

Trying to make sense of the protein stability data you’ve collected from your Prometheus runs? Struggling through manual manipulations, generating formulas in spreadsheets or fumbling through 3rd party software can really derail an experiment.

The new PR.Stability Analysis software does away with all those spreadsheets and gets you to clearer and more precise conclusions on your protein stability data.

The software allows you to analyze data across runs from different days or experiments and merges replicates automatically for you. In addition, statistical analysis is generated on the samples and that means you’ll have a greater confidence in your results. If you’re sometimes missing those really small transitions, or if you just want to get even more parameters out of your data, you’ll like the option to apply fits. You can also plot and visualize your favorite parameters exactly as you need them for better understanding or reporting your data.

If you find the settings useful, save the file and references so you can easily access them during future studies. Standardize your analysis workflow by creating a library of archived templates that are only a click away to access. With the new batch export functionality, export exactly what you need whether it’s the entire raw data set or a subset of results. It’s in a format that’s ready for publications, presenting or pasting in your notebook. Join us to watch a virtual demo of the software and get a feel for the features and analysis that can be done.

Want to give the software a test drive to see if it fits your analysis needs? Speak with a specialist and ask about a free 30-day trial.