Speed up your workflow with the newest Prometheus NT.Robotic Autosampler for high throughput protein stability screening

Whether you’re a researcher in academia or a biopharma lab looking to characterize your proteins, knowing how much of it you have (optical density), its molecular weight (SDS-PAGE) or even if it is recognized by a given antibody (Western blotting or ELISA) is not enough to ensure that you are moving forward with the right candidate. At some point you’ll want to evaluate the thermal or chemical stability of your sample.

The new NT.Robotic Autosampler is designed to automate your high throughput protein stability screening efforts. Used in conjunction with the Prometheus NT.Plex, it addresses the need for not only high throughput characterization of protein stability, but for a walk-away, I-have-other-important-things-to-do solution. With a small footprint, quiet operation and smart layout, it’ll fit in any HTS lab, large or small.

Get unattended high throughput and flexibility with up to 1536 samples

Prometheus NT.Plex plus NT.Robotic Autosampler, a stand-alone all inclusive system (Yes, PC and monitor included!), allows for label-free, in solution and native condition characterization of thermal unfolding, chemical denaturation and aggregation.


The NT.Robotic Autosampler transforms the Prometheus NT.Plex into a workhorse that will not blink, puff or huff when you have to screen all of the 1536 samples it can handle in one experiment. Or, if you need to do less, you can manually operate the NT.Plex.


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