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Advanced User Training

How to get the best results from your Monolith

We’re flexible! Work with your application specialist to find a date that’s perfect for you.
Munich, Germany
Training fee varies

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Get the best results from your samples

Join NanoTemper Technologies for a user training. Our team of Application Specialists will work with you to help you get the most out of your samples using Monolith systems.

What you can expect

  • Receive a customizable MST training.

    Attend training tailored to your research needs with any of our instruments from setting up your assay to analyzing data.

  • Meet other scientists who are doing similar research.

    Get to know your colleagues in the field. Share common questions and issues you are facing.

  • Walk away with more than confidence.

    Get answers to your project-specific questions and receive a MST User certificate from us.

Training program and agenda

Training fee varies. Please inquire below.
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  • Presentation of MST
  • Guidance on setting up advanced assays
  • Tips & tricks
  • Coffee break
  • Discussion on samples with Application Specialists
  • Concluding remarks

This agenda is preliminary and can be adjusted as needed.

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Munich, Germany

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