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Dianthus NanoPedia Control Experiment

Control Experiment

Control experiments for TRIC ideally use a system that is very similar to the one under investigation. Some suggestions for control experiments are:

  • Protein: Mutant, truncation, homolog; Fluorescent fusion proteins or tag alone (for example GST)
  • Nucleic acid: Similar but different sequence
  • Ion: Different ion of same charge and similar size
  • Photobleaching control experiment: Using Fluorophores alone as Target to distinguish between a non-specific, ligand-induced, chemical effect on the fluorophore and an effect caused by an interaction between target and Ligand.
  • His-tag labeling: The NanoTemper Technologies His-tag Protein Labeling kits provide a His6-control peptide which can be used instead of the His-tagged target molecule to control for unspecific interaction of ligand molecules with the RED-tris-NTA dye.
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