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Dianthus NanoPedia Fluorescence Quality

Fluorescence Quality

The NanoTemper Technologies Software products DI.Control and DI.Screening Analysis are both able to automatically detect issues with assay quality, such as Initial Fluorescence and use Quality Checks. Quality checks are oftentimes used in NanoTemper Technologies software to make users aware of sample quality issues. They can usually have an automatically assigned negative or positive value, depending on the sample quality, which can be overridden by the user. The quality can be overridden as described in Quality Checks. For initial fluorescence data the software checks for too high or too low fluorescence values, for Random Changes in Initial Fluorescence and Ligand-Induced Fluorescence Change. It is possible that the fluorescence quality is set to inconclusive. This can for example be the case if different wells corresponding to the same ligand show inconsistent initial fluorescence data. In single-dose screening a ligand- induced fluorescence change is detected if the initial fluorescence values of a ligand deviate by more than ± 20 % from the respective references. In affinity screening a ligand-induced fluorescence change is detected if the initial fluorescence values for the labeled target or tracer molecule display a clear ligand-induced change.

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