Have confidence in your results and conclusions

What do your stability results really mean? Figuring this out using spreadsheets isn’t all that fun and that’s where PR.Stability Analysis steps in to make your life easier. Combine any data you generated from your Prometheus system using PR.ThermControl or PR.ChemControl to quickly pinpoint trends and provide statistical relevance from your merged replicate data sets. The software lets you select how you want to group and organize the information and that means getting to your conclusions faster. View all your data or just highlight a subset of the information to monitor unfolding trends. If you know you will be doing similar analysis in the future, save it as a template or reference and easily access it for your next run. Customize your exports to summarize everything or just the essential pieces of data you need.

Bring together data from multiple runs

Whether you’re analyzing data from a single run or comparing multiple data sets, PR.Stability Analysis has your answers. Conveniently view all the data in one view and get statistical analysis on your replicates.

PR.Stability Analysis Software - Comparing Data Sets

PR.Stability Analysis Software - Customize Visual Data

Customize the way you visualize data

Having flexibility to select how you want to view your data will give you a jump on interpreting what the data means. Choose only those parameters that help you to key in on the trends and quickly identify the exact variables that are impacting the stability of your protein.

Make templates to standardize your analysis

We all follow specific routines in our research workflows. With PR.Stability Analysis software, generate custom templates that tailor how you want to view your experiment as well as addressing how to view the data. Save the export conditions, references and analysis templates as a library of settings that you or your labmates can use for future experiments.

PR.Stability Analysis Software – Analysis Templates

PR.Stability Analysis Software – Batch Export

Batch export exactly what you need

Need to export all your results or just a subset of the information? No problem. In just a few clicks, export exactly what you need from all the data you compiled. It’s in a format that’s ready for publications, presenting or just pasting in your notebook.

Help is included

Have a question when analyzing data? NanoPedia is integrated in the software to provide expertise that’s been collected over the years. Get instant insights so you can continue working without interruption.

PR.Stability Analysis Software - Nanopedia

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