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Choose the software package you need to get the most out of your Prometheus NT.48

This software is for the NT.48 and NT.Plex Prometheus instruments, which as of November 6, 2023 have been discontinued. Software packages are still available for purchase for those who already own either instrument, but software will no longer receive updates. To learn more, please contact a specialist.

Software that gets you up and running in no time

Prometheus software is designed to help you hit the ground running with your stability experiments. Design and execute thermal or chemical stability experiments with a few clicks, and customize your annotations and results display using Control software. And when it’s time to make decisions with your data, Analysis software makes it easy to toggle which parameters you use and rank for selection – all with a clean and intuitive user interface that makes identifying stable proteins a breeze.

Design and run multiple experiment types with ease

Become an expert right out of the box with intuitive software for your protein stability characterizations. Assay setup requires 3 quick steps and the selection of a few experimental settings. While your experiment is running, label your samples — even color code them if you want — and sit back while the results are generated for you. Select the data you want to display or review, and finish by exporting your findings with a few clicks.
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Assistance with your assay setup

PR.ThermControl automatically detects the capillaries that contain protein sample. Select the temperature slope and range from a few dropdowns and your run ready to take off. The software monitors your experiment and if something’s a bit off, it will alert you with a warning message.

Annotate while you wait

While your experiment is running, label your samples and even color code them to keep your records in order. If you already have your sample labels saved, it’s easy to copy and paste that info into your protocol template.

Summary data generated automatically

At the end of your run, PR.ThermControl automatically summarizes the Tm, Tonset and Tturbidity data for your protein. Highlight what you want to see from the entire data set and draw your initial conclusions.

If you need more detailed analysis, check out PR.Stability Analysis software.

Protect your data with optional CFR21 part 11 control software

Prometheus PR.ThermControl software supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for regulated environments. It provides electronic signatures, an audit trail with record of all activities, user permission settings, and access management.

Prometheus ThermControl Settings ThermControlAnnotate 12 Prometheus NT.48 TimeControl CFR21 part 11 control software
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Rapid assay setup
Simply enter a few details about your chemical denaturant and the program automatically fills in the rest.
One-click experiment
Once your samples reach unfolding equilibrium, it takes 40 seconds to collect chemical unfolding data. The high sensitivity of the 350 and 330 nm fluorescence detector ensures precision of your measurement.
Immediate data output
The C50(denaturant concentration at which 50% is folded and 50% is unfolded) of your sample and the ΔG of unfolding is determined automatically from the data. Choose a 2-state or 3-state unfolding model.
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Find unique unfolding trends with customizable thermal ramps
When a simple folding/unfolding ramp isn’t enough, TimeControl gives you more control over the thermal ramp. Choose multiple different cycling options, including temperature stepping, two-step cycling, or incremental cycling, or run your samples in an isothermal measurement.
Reveal long-term stability of your samples
Protein folding and unfolding is a complex process, and with customizable thermal ramps, you get new insights into protein recovery. Determine if aggregation or unfolding is reversible, or at what temperature it becomes reversible. Conduct accelerated stability studies in isothermal mode. Or determine how long it takes for a chemical denaturant to reach unfolding equilibrium.

Have confidence in your results and conclusions

Prometheus Stability Analysis software is designed for when you have large sets of data to parse, or need to compare samples run-to-run. It provides powerful analysis features, including auto-merging, the ability to focus on regions of interest, and fully customizable templates of stability parameters.
Stability analysis software allows you to:
  • Combine data generated from your Prometheus NT.48 system using PR.ThermControl or PR.ChemControl to pinpoint trends and provide statistical analysis of your merged replicate data sets
  • Select how you want to group and organize the information so you get conclusions faster
  • View all your data or highlight a subset of the information to monitor unfolding trends
  • Save your preferred settings and evaluation parameters as a template or reference and easily access it for your next run
  • Customize exports to summarize everything or just the data you need


Bring together data from multiple runs
Whether you’re analyzing data from a single run or comparing multiple data sets, PR.Stability Analysis has your answers. Conveniently view all the data in one view and get statistical analysis on your replicates.
Customize the way you collate data
Get you a jump on data interpretation with a ton of parameters to display and rank. Choose to display only those that help you determine which constructs or conditions are having an impact on your protein’s stability.
Make templates to standardize your analysis
Generate custom templates to tailor how you view your experimental data. Save export settings, references, and analysis templates as a library of settings for you or your labmates to use for future experiments.
Batch export exactly what you need
Export exactly what you need from all the data you compiled in just a few clicks. Your export will compile in a format that’s ready for publications, presentations, or transferring to your lab notebook.
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