Software that gets you up and running in no time

The minute you experience PR.ThermControl software, you’ll feel like a thermal stability expert. Assay setup is super intuitive requiring only 3 quick steps and the selection of a few experimental settings. While your experiment is running, label your samples—even color code them if you want—and then sit back while the results are automatically generated for you. Select the data you want to display or review, and finish by exporting your findings with a few clicks.

Assistance with your assay setup

PR.ThermControl automatically detects the capillaries that have sample. You only need to select the temperature slope and range from a few dropdowns and your run is all set. The software monitors your experiment and in case something’s a bit off, it will alert you with a nice warning message.

PR.ThermControl Software Settings

PR.ThermControl Software Annotate

Annotate while you wait

While your experiment is running, label your samples and even color code them to keep your records in order. Don’t feel like typing everything out—that’s cool—you can do a quick copy and paste of existing info into your protocol template and you’re all set to go.

Summary data generated automatically

At the end of your run, PR.ThermControl automatically summarizes the Tm, Tonset and Tagg data for your protein. Highlight what you want to see from the entire data set and draw your initial conclusions. If you need more detailed analysis, check out PR.Stability Analysis software.

PR.ThermControl Software Results

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