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Join NanoTemper Technologies for an online user training. Our team of Application Specialists will introduce you to the MST technology, guide you through the software, and present to you best practices for setting up assays and analyzing data.

What you can expect

Find the optimal conditions for MST assays. Learn about typical assay setup, things to watch out for, how to identify and eliminate any problems from the start.

Meet other scientists who are doing similar research. Get to know your colleagues in the field. Share common questions and issues you are facing.

Training program and agenda

9:30am – 12:00pm CET

  • Introduction to the basics of MST technology
  • Assay set up and development with a live instrument demo
  • Coffee break
  • Introduction to MO.Control software
  • Data analysis with MO.Affinity Analysis software
  • Tips & tricks
  • Concluding remarks

Training fee (net): 380 €

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Online Basic Monolith User Training

Apr 26 | May 24 | Jun 28 | Sept 27 | Nov 22

  Training fee (net) : 380 €


*As the COVID-19 situation evolves, our top priority is the safety and health of our users and team. For more information about in-person user trainings, please email info@nanotempertech.com for more information.


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