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How Prometheus software simplifies the journey to discovery

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Jul 17, 2019
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In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who stole fire from Zeus and the gods and gave it to mortals. He was considered a champion of mankind and his contributions helped with human progress and scientific discovery. Known for his wily intelligence, his name means forethinker.

The Prometheus software suite — named after the mighty Titan (and of course, the mighty Prometheus instruments) — helps scientists be confident about moving forward in every step of their experimental workflows. It measures protein stability and protein aggregation, precisely characterizing thermal unfolding, chemical denaturation, free folding energy and more in a single run to deliver reproducible, quantitative results from discovery to validation and production.

Prometheus users no longer have to turn to messy spreadsheets to perform statistical analysis of their samples thanks to the latest software offering, PR.Stability Analysis. It delivers clear and precise conclusions on protein stability data collected from Prometheus runs. Users can tailor or customize views so that trends become evident much quicker. The software’s ability to compare runs, merge replicate tests, and determine if the results are statistically significant ultimately helps Prometheus users arrive at conclusions faster.

Along with PR.Stability Analysis, the Prometheus software suite includes three other programs: PR.ThermControl, PR.ChemControl and PR.TimeControl which helps researchers easily and quickly program their Prometheus runs. Some of the software packages are also certified to be used in regulated environments.

To learn more about the Prometheus software suite, the wide array of proteins that have been studied and how it can help you unleash new discoveries faster, download this brochure. After all, unleashing the right discoveries could be the equivalent of stealing fire from the gods.

Browse the Prometheus software brochure and contact a specialist to learn more.