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In some cases DI.Screening Analysis software can single out problematic wells in affinity measurements (e.g. an outlier in Initial Fluorescence, in Photobleaching or also Fnorm) and Exclude them from analysis (not from view in charts). The software makes use of Quality Checks to flag outliers, which can be overridden by the user. In DI.Screening Analysis software the maximum number of outliers that are flagged in one affinity measurement depends on the number of data points measured. This can also serve as a general recommendation for the exclusion of data points from affinity measurements:

Data points in Dose Response Curve/Merge Sets Maximum number of flagged outliers per category
1-8 1
9-16 2
17-24 3
25-32 4

*for each increment of 8 data points, one more flagged outlier would be allowed per category.

Note that the outlier rating might be different, depending if you are working with Merge Sets or not.

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